Beef Plant 750 - 850 head per shift

  • This plant is now being sold complete or as individual items.

  • Call Keith for prices on items or email us

  • Stainless Steel hand wash sterilizer with 2 rod sterilizers

  • Aluminium work platform 1.25m x 1m

  • Pair stimulation probes and control box

  • Axial fan 1m

  • Bleed roller return chain

  • Elevated bleed conveyor 6m with stainless steel rub rail

  • Aluminium legging platform L shaped, 15m with 9 stainless steel hand wash sterilizers

  • Legging chain 15m with drive in roof

  • Hide pulling chain 60m and return with drive, Stop start clutch in shed

  • Evisceration chain, Carcase splitting and trim chain, 60m with drive on pallet shed

  • Final inspection chain, 30m and return

  • Aluminium work platform, 3 tier, double sided with 2 stainless steel hand wash sterilizers

  • Steriline Downward hide puller with power pack downstairs in shed

  • Head wash carousel and chain and 2 stainless steel hand wash sterilizers

  • Stainless steel slated top viscera table 25m galvanised frame

  • 7 stainless steel hand wash sterilizers

  • Rise and fall carcase splitting platform 2m x 1.25m

  • Rise and fall work platform 2.5m x 1m

  • 2 Aluminium work stands, 3m and 4m stainless steel hand washes

  • 2 Axial fans

  • Carcase lowerator 6m and carcase conveyor 5m

  • Hide belt conveyor 10m

  • Slide return chain from boning room 16m

  • Auto gear cleaning system with return chain to kill floor

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Warehouse: 10 Hayes Street, Scone - Hunter Valley - NSW 2337, Australia.
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